Ámos Lora Band

Amos Lora Band is performing at the MoonJune Festival Toledo on September 30, 2023.

In 2010 Amós Lora traveled to Rome to meet Paco de Lucía and had the privilege of being able to offer him a small private concert where the Maestro was surprised by the boy’s talent. It will be two years later when Paco de Lucía writes on the presentation CD of Amós Lora – “Amós, if you keep playing like this you are going to send us all to the masons”– This phrase reaches a special significance today since El Niño was his teacher Ricardo, who said it referring to Paco de Lucía when he was 10 years old and Paco de Lucía passed it on to Amós Lora 50 years later, leaving with this gesture an entire legacy in the hands of Amós.

Amós Lorastarts playing the guitar at the age of three, under the direction of his father Manuel Lora. From the age of six he also began to study with different teachers and relevant flamenco guitarists. Between Madrid, Jerez and the neighborhood of “Pescadería” in Almería, Amós is impregnated with flamenco art. When he was eight years old, he met Tomatito, who from the first moment devoted himself to the boy and taught him his falsetas. Since 2010, Amós has also received the teachings of “Diego del Morao”, Manuel Parrilla, El Paquete or David Cerreduela among others. Amós is in love with jazz, music that he began studying as an autodidact: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, George Benson, John McLaughlin, leave their mark on Amós’s early guitar playing. From 2013 to 2017 Amós studied at the school of maestro Felix Santos in Madrid, extensively training in harmony, improvisation and the language of modern music in general. At just 12 years old, Amós recorded his first CD where he already presented his own compositions. The pianist “Diego Amador” participates as a special guest on the album. In 2014 the Worldmusic record label published the compilation CD “The Rough Guide to Flamenco Guitar”. On the album Amós Lora appears together with Tomatito, Carles Benavent and Paco de Lucía, etc. At the age of 16, Amós recorded his second album “Así lo veo”. Original songs where he fuses jazz and flamenco in a unique and absolutely personal style. In 2019 Amós presents his third CD “DADGAD”. Based on his own compositions, in this new work Amós locks himself up in the studio to show an intimate album where he plays all the instruments. In this same year, Bill Whelan, pianist and producer of U2, re-records the original music of “Riverdance” on the 25th anniversary. Amós has been chosen as one of the most relevant young musicians worldwide to participate in this new recording. In 2021 he released “Fuente de la Abundancia” in digital format and in 2022 “Soleá del tío Feri” and “Vivo Sueño”.

At the age of four Amós Loraalready makes his first appearances in public and at the age of seven he is presented at “Casa Patas”, an emblematic place of Madrid’s flamenco scene. Since then Amós has played at the main festivals and has given numerous concerts inside and outside Spain: to highlight in Spain, “Homage to Moraito in Jerez”, Suma Flamenca Festival, Los Veranos de la Villa, “Flamenco P’atós”, Conde Duque Theater in Madrid. “Quejío Solidario” Festival in Seville, Petrer International Guitar Festival, Palacio de Congresos and Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. “Luz de Gas” in Barcelona, Festival “Raqueros del Jazz” Santander, “Jazzeñe” in Zaragoza

Abroad he has performed at important festivals such as “Guitar across the Styles” in 2013 and “Spring Festival” in 2018, both in Prague. Zagreb Summer Festival in Croatia, “Mont de Marçan Flamenco Festival” with Farruquito. In Portugal at the Lisbon Flamenco Festival 2015 and “Caldas de Rainha” in 2018. At “Istanbul International Guitar Festival 2016”. Andorra Jazz Festival 2018. He has also played in Brussels and as a guest in various Jazz formations in Havana. In 2020 he presents his first tour of Japan playing in Kagoshima, Tokyo (Cervantes Institute and the Setagaya Art Museum) Okinawa and Fukuoka. He also performs at the online festival «Flamenco for Morocco». In 2021 he participates in the international festival “Papjazz” in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This year he also plays at “Festival Expolima” in Ponte de Lima, Portugal. In 2022 he plays at the “Cordas na Museu” festival in Estarreja, Portugal. This year he tours Asia playing at the Bishkek and Osh National Theaters in Kyrgyzstan, at the Dushanbe Opera House in Tajikistan and at the Almaty State Philharmonic in Kazakhstan.

He has performed for television, always live, at the Teatro Quintero in Seville for the program “El Sol, La Sal y el Son”, presented by Jesús Quintero. In tve2’s Radio 3 concerts on two occasions presenting his first two CDs live. In the program “Pizzicato” on tve2, “The adventure of knowledge” on tve2. In the Monumental Nights for tve2. On TV1 in Croatia and on TV in the Netherlands. He also live for the program “La Ventana” by Genma Nierga, and with Jorge Drexler in the program “Asuntos Propios” by Tony Garrido. Protagonist in the documentary film “Niños Flamencos”, by director Katherina Hager. that shows us moments of the life and music of Amós Lora.

Since 2018 he has also carried out continuous work in the field of teaching, giving concerts, courses and master classes in different cities around the world in parallel. In 2020 he created an online guitar school, “Cursos AL”, where he has developed a special methodology focused on flamenco and jazz guitar. More information at

Amós Lorawill join MoonJune recording and booking roster in 2023/2024 season.