MoonJune Music festival Toledo 2023

September 28, 29, 30 and October 1


Leonardo Pavkovic

The fact totum of MoonJune president, creator and mastermind of the Second International MoonJune Music Festival – Toledo 2023, Leonardo Pavkovic was born in Jajce, former Yugoslavia, today Bosnia & Herzegovina, grew up in Italy, lived briefly in Africa (Angola & São Tomé & Principe), then lived in New York City for 31 years, and settled in Toledo, Spain, in December of 2021. He is a renaissance man of mixed ethnic background (Montenegrin, Croatian, Armenian, Lebanese, Italian), polyglot (5 languages spoken fluently), world traveller (close to 90 countries visited), and bon vivant.

One needs to create a new category to encompass the multifaceted activities of Leonardo Pavkovic, who as sole operator of MoonJune  – comprising both a record label of progressive music – MoonJune  Records, and boutique booking and management agency – MoonJune Bookings & Management – has connected hundreds of deserving creative musicians from around the globe to a supportive worldwide audience. Simply listing his many roles and talents – enabler (as named by Bill Bruford) label owner, booking agent, graphic designer, networker extraordinaire, prodigious world traveler, book publisher, raconteur, musical matchmaker, and tour manager for numerous legendary artists, just for starters – scarcely does justice to the far-reaching scope of Pavkovic’s intersecting activities. He’s more accurately characterized as a preternaturally effective community builder in the service of creative music, a sort of supranational Johnny Appleseed scattering spores of musical goodness across a borderless planet.

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MOONJUNE BOOKING & MANAGEMENT has handled booking of over 2700 shows since its formation in 2001. These shows have encompassed full tours, festivals, individual dates, clinics and workshops in more than 60 countries across the globe, specializing in tours in the USA/Canada, Latin America, Japan and Asia (over 70 tours in Japan since 2002).
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MOONJUNE RECORDS is a boutique recording label of progressive music exploring nd expanding boundaries of jazz, rock, avant, ethnographic, the unknown, and anything in between and beyond.
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Mauricio Aguinaco

Event producer, director and creative associate for the 2nd MoonJune Festival Toledo 2023 is a Mexican born Spaniard, based in Toledo, Spain, since January of 2022. He is a director, producer, screen writer, editor and production designer, with credits in feature films, short films, commercials, documentaries, music videos and live events, with over 30 years of experience in production in Spain, Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba and Saudi Arabia.

Former Mexico City’s Film Commissioner. Writer, producer, editor, music supervisor and director for the urban music feature film Aerosol. Mauricio paid his film studies as a DJ in the music scene of Hollywood, Venice and South Bay in L.A. during the 80´and 90´s. With art studies in the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico (I.N.B.A.), film studies at El Camino and Santa Monica Community College (USA). Founder, producer and director of the Toluca Intl. Film Festival, and founder and associate producer for the music festival Tajin Primavera del Milenio, creator of the Urban Music Festival Marathon vs Violence.

He has also collaborated in the atrezzo and design of the operas Cavalleria Rusticana, I Pagliacci, Il Neurisastenico directed by Juan Jose Gurrola for the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico (I.N.B.A.), and the musical event Azul, A Tribute to Agustín Lara, for the University of Veracruz. Mauricio was the winner of a Mexican Film Academy award for the set design for Like Water For Chocolate.

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