Dwiki Dharmawan

Dwiki Dharmawan World Peace Band is performing at the MoonJune Festival Toledo on September 30, 2023.

Dwiki Dharmawan was born on August 19, 1966 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. 

Dwiki started learning classical piano at the age of 7. His professional career began in 1982 when he joined his mentor Elfa Secioria. He then founded the band Krakatau in 1984 with Pra Budi Dharma, Donny Suhendra, and Budhy Haryono. In 1985, Dwiki won the Best Keyboard Player award at the 1985 Yamaha Light Music Contest in Tokyo, Japan. Dwiki also won the Grand Prize Winner at the Asia Song Festival 2000 in the Philippines.

Krakatau changed formation with the entry of Trie Utami, Indra Lesmana and Gilang Ramadhan and released its first album in 1986 which was successful with a hit song he wrote with the lyricist and brother of Indra Lesmana, Mira, entitled “Gemilang”, which later became the theme song for the search event. talent hosted by Hi magazine, The Dream Band. After that, Krakatau continued to release several albums that were liked by Indonesian music lovers. In 1991, along with the outbreak of Krakatau, Dwiki debuted as a singer. He released his eponymous debut album, Dwiki Dharmawan, which produced two singles which he sang, “Di Antara Harapan” with Irma Basuki[2] and “In vain ‘I’m Waiting”. In 1992 the band changed formation and re-released the album Let There Be Life with the hits of his song Pra, with lyrics written by Trie, the song “About Us”. Until 1992, Krakatau has released 4 albums, namely Krakatau (1987), Krakatau (1988), Back One (1989) and Let There Be Life (1992).

In 1992, Dwiki and Krakatau decided to pursue various Indonesian traditional music, starting with his exploration of Sundanese music, to releasing the album Mystical Mist. Three years later, he founded the Dwiki Dharmawan Orchestra.

Dwiki also works with Indonesian director Garin Nugroho to work on the music for his films, including Cinta in a Piece of Bread which won the Citra Award for Best Music Arranger at the 1991 Indonesian Film Festival and the films Rembulan di Ujung Dahan and Rindu Kami padaMu. Apart from that, he has also played an active role in many films and television series. In several productions by Multivision Plus, Kharisma Starvision Plus, Visindo, Mega Kreasi Films and Rapi Films, as well as in one of the films produced by Falcon Pictures, he was the music composer and theme song writer. His hits are also frequent subscriptions to movies & soap operas with a total of more than 20 soundtrack titles as of 2019.

In 2002 with Sony Music, he released the solo instrumental album Nuance, which was supported by world-class musicians such as Mike Stern, Lincoln Goiness, Richie Morales, Neil Stubenhaus, Ricky Lawson and Mike Thompson from the United States as well as several Australian musicians such as Steve Hunter, David Jones and Guy Strazullo. In 2005, Dwiki became co-music director for the spectacular 40th anniversary musical performance for Kompas Daily, Megalithicum Quantum in Jakarta and Bali. Four years later, he released his seventh album entitled World Peace Orchestra which was released with Omega Pacific by Gita Wirjawan in 2009, supported by prominent musicians such as Jimmy Haslip, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Steve Thornton, Russell Ferrantee, Tollak Olstad, Andy Suzuki, Roger Burn and Frank Gambale. Dwiki also released two live albums namely Live at the Baked Potato, USA in 2010 and Dwiki Dharmawan Strings Quartet Project with Violet Spin and Oliver Steger Live at JazzfestWien, Austria in 2012.

With his music, he has traveled to various countries and continents. Even Krakatau’s music has received international recognition, including from the Worlds of Music Journal published in the United States which mentions Krakatau as an important part of world music treasures. This is because Krakatau is considered successful in combining gamelan and other Indonesian traditional music with jazz with the right musical achievements.

His career increased rapidly and became better known in the international music world after joining Moonjune Records based in New York, United States which was founded by jazz producer and progressive Leonardo Pavkovic. The album So Far, So Close which was recorded in the United States was supported by legendary American musicians Jimmy Haslip, Chad Wackerman, Jerry Goodman as well as Indonesian musicians Dewa Budjana and Tohpati. The next album Pasar Klewer, which was recorded in London and released in 2016, further made his name in the international music scene. The American jazz magazine Downbeat announced the Pasar Klewer album as Albums of the Year 2016. Likewise, the leading British jazz magazine JazzWise recognized the Pasar Klewer album as a Jazz Album. The Best 2017. Pasar Klewer is supported by musicians based in London, namely Gilad Atzmon, Asaf Sirkis, Yaron Stavi, Nicholas Meier, Mark Wingfield and Aris Daryono. Not to forget the Italian singer Boris Savoldelli, singer from Solo Dr. Peni Candrarini.

The next album with Moonjune, namely Rumah Batu, which was released in 2018, further established his name as a genius pianist, keyboardist, songwriter, arranger and music producer. Dwiki is supported on this album by French guitarist of Vietnamese descent Nguyên Lê, legendary Spanish flamenco bassist Carles Benavent, bassist Yaron Stavi, drummer Asaf Sirkis and Indonesian flutist Sya’atsyah. In the midst of a pandemic that hit the world in 2020 Dwiki released the album “Third Day” which was recorded live at La Casa Murada Studio in Barcelona, Spain when the pandemic had not yet hit the world, this time with avant-jazz nuances. This time, Dwiki is supported by musicians from Germany, Markus Reuter, and is collaborating again with Asaf Sirkis and Boris Savoldelli. Apart from being with Moonjune Records, Dwiki has also collaborated with Germany-based Enja Records on the album and music trio World Peace Trio with Gilad Atzmon and Kamal Musallam. Dwiki was also involved as keyboardist on the album Eastmania led by composer and oud player from Jordan Kamal Musallam who also supported Billy Cobham, Rasha Rizk, Nasser Salameh, Garry Husband, Andy Suzuki and Kai Eckhardt.

He has also carried out social activities, including initiating various charity concerts such as Jazz for Aceh which involved hundreds of Indonesian jazz musicians in early 2005, the Jazz for Jogja concert and the series Penetrating Borders in 2006. He is also very concerned about art education and is the Director of Farabi Music Education Institute.

As a musician, he is also active in various arts organizations, including being a member of the Jakarta Arts Council music committee (2003-2009), Chair of the Indonesian Music Award Foundation, organizer of AMI Awards (2016-2022), and Chair of the PAPPRI Collective Management Institute (2016- 2022). Now he serves as Secretary General of PAPPRI (Association of Singers and Musicians of the Republic of Indonesia), the Board of Director of AMI Awards and the Expert Council of the PP Muhammadyah Cultural Arts Institute.

With MoonJune Records he has released 4 critically acclaimed albums: So Far So Close, Pasar Klewer, Rumah Batu and Hart Ketiga.