Fernando Girón

Fernando Girón (guitar) is performing with his trio (members TBA) at the MoonJune Festival Toledo on September 28, 2023.

Fernando Girón was born in Madrid, and resides in Toledo, Spain. He is a musician who, in the last 18 years, has worked as professional guitar player touring around the world and recording for more than 90 national and international artist and bands. Frequently, he records and composes music for TV Shows and jingles in different countries. He has written hundreds of articles in music magazines and he has done a lot of workshops and demos in Spain. He attended the famous schools and conservatories that everybody knows of Madrid, Los Angeles, Boston and Wien. He has taken lessons mainly with Phrasant Aswani, Jean Marc Belkadi, Dave Fuze Fiuczynski, Jeff Kollman, Cañizares, Dave Hill, Ross Bolton, Leo Brouwer, Jaime Iglesias, Manolo Mené, Greg Howe, Sid Jacobs, Keith Wyatt, George Lynch, etc. At the moment he is studying with Scott Henderson, Mike Stern and Carlo Marchione. Fernando is the eternal student. In the other hand, he has his own solo career where 4 years ago he recorded his first solo album “THE ÜBERMESSENGER I”. In its first week was sold out. The second edition was released and his music arrived to Argentina, Japan, USA, France, Italy, etc. He recorded different videos in Belgium, Spain, Wien and Swiss for the album promotion. After this great welcome, he decided to record again the album with his band but this time was released as a live video. Right now he is recording his second and third albums in a row: “The Übermessenger II and III”. His music sounds like a mix of Jazz, Funk, Punk, Blues, Manouche music… but at the end of the day, Fernando’s mind is who plays and writes all those influences.